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Top 22 State Parks in Alabama

    Alabama is a beautiful state with so much to offer.

    Alabama is a state that has many places for people to go. It has beautiful scenery and outdoor activities like hiking. Many adventures are waiting for you in Alabama that will make your time here unforgettable. 

    If you are looking for an Alabama getaway this summer. Come explore the beauty and adventure of Alabama today! 

    1. Bladon Springs State Park

    Bladon Springs State Park

    Bladon Springs State Park has many natural springs. They are the same ones that were used at the old Bladon Springs resort. The springs are full of sulfur, iron magnesium, and calcium.

    A long time ago, geologists found that these rocks had components for health benefits. Now, there are more reasons to visit this little-known marvel!

    Camping and Lodging: Bladon Springs State Park is home to a ten-site campground that provides water, electricity, and sewage services. There are many amenities in camping in Alabama. These are good for people who want to have modern life with them while they are out on their camper trip.

    Pets: Bladon Springs is a state park that has easy hiking with dogs. There are trails through woods and it is in northern Arkansas.

    Things to do: Bladon Springs State Park is a place where you can get different experiences. You can go birding, play on the playground, and enjoy the scenery at the picnic area.

    Entrance Fee: For the cost of $1, you can enjoy a day at Bladon Springs State Park. 

    Opening Hour: The park is open 7 days per week, from 8 am until sundown. 

    2. Blue Springs State Park

    Blue Springs State Park

    The stunning Central Florida waterways and wildlife are an amazing sight to behold. It is a good place to escape the busy life. You can relax in quiet, or you can do things like kayaking down a crystal clear river and SCUBA diving for sunken treasure!

    The park is a perfect little piece of paradise. It is 45 minutes away from Orlando, which is near where we live. There are many ways to get there by car, bus, boat rental (canoeing), or even foot trails that lead through the lush jungles full of beautiful plants and friendly animals.

    Camping and Lodging: Blue Spring State Park and cabins are perfect for romantic getaways, family vacations, reunions, group activities, or simply a weekend away. Cabins range from one to eight bedrooms with full housekeeping amenities available.

    Pets: At Lafayette Blue Springs State Park, you can take your dog. Dogs need to be on a 6-foot leash that you have to carry in your hand. Dogs are not allowed in cabins or buildings and they can’t stay there by themselves for more than 30 minutes.

    Things to do: Blue Spring State Park is a place where you can have fun with friends and family. You can fish, or just relax if you don’t want to do anything. There are lots of other things to do there as well – like swimming in the lake or the pool. And the park has pavilions and playgrounds, too!

    Entrance Fee: Blue Spring State Park is a place where you can relax. There are fees, but it only costs $6 per car. You can walk in for only $2!

    Opening Hour: Blue Spring State Park has the most beautiful scenery in the whole country. It is open from 8:00 am to sundown, so stop by for an unforgettable experience!

    3. Buck’s Pocket State Park

    Buck's Pocket State Park

    A park called Buck’s Pocket State Park used to be good for playing. There were 18 holes of golf, campgrounds, and places for picnics. There were also trails for hiking that led you through the countryside in search of native plants that grow in the area.

    Now, the park is only for those who take care of the animals and plants. There are many different types of animals that live in this area where people preserved over 1 million acres.

    Camping and Lodging: Buck’s Pocket State Park has many different spots for campers. There are 23 campsites where 13 have sewer hookups and 4 have pull-through spots. Plus, there are 10 that offer water and electricity!

    Pets: Buck’s Pocket State Park pets have to stay on a leash when they’re out and about.

    Things to do: Buck’s Pocket State Park is a fun place to go fishing and you can also hike. There are trails for people who don’t want to hike and trails for people with four-wheelers too!

    Entrance Fee: Buck’s Pocket State Park is a moderately priced way to experience the great outdoors. You can enter for $5 per car or purchase an annual pass for only 100 bucks!

    Opening Hour: Buck’s Pocket State Park is known for its rich wildlife. It is open from 12 am to 5 pm to explore the land of deer and coyotes.

    4. Cathedral Caverns State Park

    Cathedral Caverns State Park

    The Cathedral Caverns State Park is a place of majestic beauty, where people can go to explore nature and experience the diverse ecosystem that dwells within its walls.

    The caves are filled with different types of formations. They make the caves interesting because they look strange. Some people think it is weird, but I like them.

    Camping and Lodging: Cathedral Caverns State Park now has many different campsites to choose from, including those with tents and ones with improved campgrounds. There is also a building next to the new amenities and services area that has a clean bathhouse.

    Pets: Cathedral Caverns State Park provides a refuge for your pets. They are allowed at the park but they must stay outside of buildings and inside the cave.

    Things to do: The Cathedral Caverns State Park is a great place to go and explore the wonders of nature. You can take cave tours, gem mining, or just hike on trails around this area.

    Entrance Fee: Cathedral Caverns State Park entrance fee is for Adults is $13.00, for Children 5 to 11 years of age is $6.00, and children under 4 get in free with a parent or guardian!

    Opening Hour: Cathedral Caverns State Park is open to the public from 8 am until 5:30 pm. 

    5. Cheaha State Park

    Cheaha State Park

    Cheaha State Park is in northern Alabama. It has 2,799 acres. People may climb Cheaha Mountain to get the highest point in the state there. You can cool down during hot days or go hiking on trails that are easy or hard.

    It is within two counties, Clay County and Cleburne County. It covers over 2900 acres with a high point of 1372ft or 442m.

    Camping and Lodging: Cheaha State Park is the perfect place for you to enjoy nature and have a good time. There are 77 improved campsites with 4 ADA sites in both Upper Improved Campgrounds or Lower Improved Campgrounds.

    Pets: Dogs are allowed on the trails and campsites in Cheaha State Park, as long as they’re leashed. 

    Things to do: Cheaha State Park is home to a dog park, interpretive center, museums, and outdoor recreation. If you’re looking for something more family-friendly there are birthday parties perfect for children of all ages! You can also plan your own picnic in one of the many scenic areas or enjoy some playtime on the playground with other adventure seekers.

    Entrance Fee: The view from the top of Cheaha Mountain is worth every step you take. The $5 gate fee will be a bargain for all that beauty and tranquility!

    Opening Hour: The park is open from 11:30 a.m-3 p.m., so leave time to explore Alabama’s tallest mountain peak on foot, or take in some of nature’s beauty with one of many interpretive hikes available for visitors like you!

    6. Chewacla State Park

    Chewacla State Park

    Chewacla State Park is a beautiful and serene place with many amenities. The lake, which covers 26 acres of the park’s 696 total acreage boasts opportunities for fishing, swimming as well as non-motorized boating.

    This location offers an escape from the hustle-bustle in nearby Auburn where visitors can enjoy themselves without worrying about traffic or parking hassle because it has easy access to Interstate 85!

    Camping and Lodging: Chewacla State Park is a must-see for those looking to embark on an adventure. Camp out under the stars in one of their many different camping areas, or rent your own cabin and enjoy all that nature has to offer! They have RV campsites available as well if you need more space than just tents can provide.

    Pets: Pet on a leash up to six feet long are welcome in Alabama State Parks. Pets must be vaccinated and they cannot go near the beach or swimming pools!

    Things to do: If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend a day outdoors, Chewacla State Park is just what you need. There are so many things that await your arrival: from lakeside camping and pavilions to geocaching. You can even call into Game Day Cabin on game days!

    Entrance Fee: Chewacla State Park offers a variety of activities. For $1, visitors can enjoy swimming and picnicking while taking in the beautiful natural scenery or hiking on one of the many trails that weave through meadows and forests.

    Opening Hour: Open from 8 am until 8 pm, it’s never too late or early for an opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones and yourself in this peaceful place!

    7. Chickasaw State Park

    Chickasaw State Park

    Chickasaw State Park is a beautiful park. The forest is 14,384 acres and the park is 1280 acres. There are places to camp with an RV hookup. You can go for a horseback ride or fishing too.

    It holds an entire day’s worth of activities from hiking along nature paths to catching your own fish out on one of its lakes or streams!

    Camping and Lodging: Chickasaw State Park is a place where people can stay and be outdoors. There are 53 campsites. Some have water and electricity to hook up your RV, so it is easy to do the things you like.

    Pets: Dogs of all shapes and sizes are allowed at no additional fee for the tent sites. They must be leashed, cleaned up after, and under control per site regulations.

    Things to do: Chickasaw State Park is the perfect place for a family to spend their day. The picnic area features grassy areas with tables and grills that are available on a first-come, first-served basis as well as many playgrounds designed especially for children of all different ages.

    Entrance Fee: There is no entry fee to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area – that’s right, it’s completely free!

    Opening Hour: The Chickasaw State Park is open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm so you can enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty for as long as possible. 

    8. DeSoto State Park

    DeSoto State Park

    The DeSoto State Park is a place where you can explore the dramatic landscape of Alabama’s mountains. You can hike on well-marked trails that are in forests with thick undergrowth or on open views from mountain peaks.

    This is a place that has an ancient history. It was once used by Native Americans for hunting before it became part of America.

    Camping and Lodging: Camping is a good way to explore the outdoors. There are some parks where you can camp, and some that offer cabins if you prefer something more comfortable.

    Pets: DeSoto State Park has lots of places where dogs are allowed. There are also cabins with firepits for all guests that allow pets.

    Things to do: DeSoto State Park is a park. It has many things for people. There are fishing and kayaking near the water. You can also go hiking with friends to new places, or take a horseback ride at sunset. And there are zip-lines so you can fly over the trees!

    Entrance Fee: DeSoto State Park has a $4.00 entrance fee for cars. This is less than the cost of a movie ticket and it means that your family can spend all day there without paying money for every time they go in and out of the park.

    Opening Hour: DeSoto State Park, known for its scenic beauty and varied wildlife habitats including the DeSoto National Forest is open from 9 am to 9 pm.

    9. Lake Jackson RV Park at Florala

    Lake Jackson RV Park at Florala

    Lake Jackson Park is a place in Florala, Alabama. People can enjoy the trails around the lake. There are 500 acres (200 ha) bordering Florida and Alabama. When management rights were turned over from City Hall to State Government in 1971, they had already begun paving paths for visitors on 40-acres (16 hectares).

    Lake Jackson park is located right outside Florala, AL where many other parks help make up what outsiders may call “The Biggest Little Town”.

    Camping and Lodging: Lake Jackson is a place where you can camp. There are 28 campsites with electricity and water. There is also a bathhouse and laundry machines that take coins.

    Pets: Lake Jackson RV Park is a place that people can bring their pets. Pets are allowed on a leash up to six feet long with you.

    Things to do: The Lake Jackson RV Park at Florala is a great place to spend an entire day swimming, boating, and fishing.

    Visitors are welcome in our park. The trees provide shade from the sun and people can walk around and find a place to relax, like under a parasol or in a hammock.

    Entrance Fee: Lake Jackson RV Park is a good place to spend your vacation. You can stay for one day or more if you want. The entrance fee is $34.80 a day. If you don’t have an RV, it costs less and the price goes down the longer you stay there.

    Opening Hour: Lake Jackson RV Park at Florala is open all day from 8:00 am to 5 pm and has everything you could need on-site including fishing gear rentals, canoe trips, kayaks, etc.

    10. Frank Jackson State Park

    Frank Jackson State Park

    Frank Jackson State Park is a public-owned park in Opp, Alabama. The park opened as Lightwood Knot Creek State Park in 1970 and has been called Frank Jackson State Park since Frank died in the 1980s.

    This 2,050 acre (830 ha) state park wraps around Lake Frank Jackson and provides outdoor enthusiasts with plenty to explore for all ages!

    Camping and Lodging: Frank Jackson State Park is the perfect place for a family vacation. Campers can enjoy traditional camping with camper cabins, or primitive camps in scenic wooded areas.

    Pets: Frank Jackson State Park is a great place for pet owners to bring their furry friends. You will be required to have your pup on a leash at all times, but it’s worth the hassle because you’ll get some awesome views of Lake Cumberland and plenty of trails nearby.

    Things to do: Frank Jackson State Park has a wide variety of activities that you can enjoy. You could go fishing on the lake, play at one of our playgrounds or take your children to see some scarecrows in the park!

    Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for Frank Jackson State Park is $2 if you are 4 to 11, $4 if you’re 12 or 61, and free with no age requirement when under four.

    Opening Hour: Visit beautiful Franklin Jackson State Park for a day of fishing, hiking, or just exploring the trails. The park is open from 6 am to 7 pm daily.

    11. Gulf State Park

    Gulf State Park

    Gulf State Park is a public recreation area on the Gulf of Mexico in southern Baldwin County, Alabama. The park’s 6500 acres encompass the land behind one of America’s most famous beaches and stretch for miles into what many call “The Forgotten Coast.”

    It has long been known as a place to escape with your family or friends. Nowadays it offers camping sites that are perfect retreats for nature lovers who want to get away from it all but still have access to modern luxuries like wi-fi and bathrooms with running water!

    Camping and Lodging: Gulf State Park is the perfect locale for all your camping needs. With a good selection of campsites, you will never want to leave! Whether it be Eagle Cottages, Outpost Campsites, or RV and Primitive Campground; It has something right for everyone! There are also many amenities including wifi access which make this place feel like a home away from home.

    Pets: Gulf State Park is a pet-friendly destination with trails that offer an escape for you and your furry friend.

    Things to do: Gulf State Park is a great place to go for all your outdoor adventures. From fishing, geocaching, and hiking to picnicking with friends or relaxing by the lake on one of our many beaches. Gulf State offers something for everyone!

    All-day at The Angler Academy: learn from Florida’s best instructors about fly-fishing techniques, saltwater casting techniques, speckled trout identification, and more; enjoy light refreshments while meeting some new folks who share an interest in angling exploration as you fish together off the pier.

    Entrance Fee: Gulf State Park is a great place to spend the day if you’re looking for something fun and affordable. For just $5, cars can enjoy all sorts of attractions.

    Opening Hour: Is open 24 hours, every day of the year and offers hiking trails with gorgeous waterfalls all around them!

    12. Joe Wheeler State Park

    Joe Wheeler State Park

    Joe Wheeler State Park is a state-owned, public recreation area with resort features. The park contains 2,550 acres of land in three separate parcels and adjoins the Tennessee Valley Authority’s, Wheeler Dam.

    Turner Publishing Company offers you an exclusive opportunity to live among nature at its finest while taking advantage of all amenities available on location!

    Camping and Lodging: Joe Wheeler State Park is the perfect place to set up camp and enjoy all that nature has to offer. The park features a variety of lodging options, including cabins with modern amenities like cooking facilities and electricity as well as more rustic accommodations such as campsites or Fisherman’s Cabin which offers you peace in solitude right on Joe Wheeler Lake.

    There are also Lakeside Cottages available for those who want something a little bigger than tents but smaller than an RV camper!

    Pets: Dogs are allowed at Joe Wheeler State Park in designated day-use areas and dog-friendly facilities, but only if they’re on a leash. Dogs may not be left unattended for any length of time or anywhere outside these spaces – it’s important to keep them safe!

    Things to do: Joe Wheeler State Park offers many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. You can go fishing, do some disc golfing or rent a boat and take it out on Lake Wilson County in Tennessee for three miles of beautiful views. There is also plenty of day-use areas with pavilions that you can reserve ahead of time if needed!

    Entrance Fee: It has an entrance fee of $3, for adults and children is just one dollar! Seniors get to enjoy the beauty that Joe Wheeler offers at only fifty cents.

    Opening Hour: Joe Wheeler State Park is the perfect place for a day trip with your friends and family. They’re open 24 hours, so you can visit anytime!

    13. Lake Guntersville State Park

    Lake Guntersville State Park

    Lake Guntersville State Park is a big, beautiful park. There are many things to do, like exploring the trails or going kayaking on a lake. You can see the sunset from high above and look at the view of mountains.

    It was established as a public recreation area by order-in-council 612. This is an area where people can go hiking and enjoy nature. There are many paths. A favorite place for people to visit is an old forest with big oaks covered in Spanish moss.

    Camping and Lodging: You can choose from different camping places at Lake Guntersville State Park. They are cabins, campsites, and cottages. The Lodge is in the middle of the park with beautiful views of the Tennessee River Valley.

    Pets: Lake Guntersville State Park is your one-stop-shop for a day of fun with Fido. Dogs are allowed in designated areas and facilities, but not at the beach or by the pool!

    Things to do: Lake Guntersville State Park is a great place to enjoy the lake. You can go swimming, fishing, kayaking, and rent boats. The Screaming Eagle Zip Line is also a good thing to do. There are many volunteer opportunities too that you might want to try when visiting Lake Guntersville State Park!

    Entrance Fee: Lake Guntersville State Park is the perfect place to vacation. For a mere $5, you can access all of its beauty and splendor for an entire day!

    Opening Hour: The expansive Lake Guntersville State Park is open from sunrise to sunset each day, allowing visitors the chance to enjoy its beautiful scenery.

    14. Lake Lurleen State Park

    Lake Lurleen State Park

    Lake Lurleen is a peaceful, beautiful spot in the Alabama countryside. You can get to it by driving 9 miles west from Northport on Highway 82. It has 250 acres of saltwater lake and a 23-mile trail system for people to enjoy year-round.

    If you visit Lake Lurleen, you can explore over 1,600 acres of land. You will find many animals who live there. You can also go to events at the lake that are called “hiker’s nights.” These happen when people who love exploring the outdoors meet up with other locals there.

    Camping and Lodging: Introducing a new camping experience for those who want to get away from city life. Lake Lurleen State Park has different packages that will meet all your needs including Alabama Football Camping Packages, Primitive Camping, or our standard overnight stay with amenities like showers and electricity.

    Pets: Pets are allowed to come to visit Lake Lurleen State Park, but they must be on a leash no more than 6 feet long. Pets can never be too far from their owners and will enjoy exploring the park with them at your side!

    Things to do: Lake Lurleen State Park is a scenic place to enjoy the outdoors. The park has swimming, boating, and fishing for aquatic enthusiasts as well as plenty of hiking trails that are designated National Recreation Trails. This makes it perfect for outdoor lovers who want some fresh air in their lives!

    Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for Lake Lurleen State Park is $3, but children and seniors pay only 1$.

    Opening Hour: Lake Lurleen State Park is open seven days per week with regular hours of operation from 7 am to Sunset.

    15. Lakepoint State Park

    Lakepoint State Park

    Lakepoint State Park is a good place for those who love being outside. The park’s western shore has beautiful nature trails and fishing. There are also many boating activities that you can do in this state-owned recreation area.

    It is located right outside city limits but does not lack any amenities because it adjoins with neighboring Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge; there are plenty of opportunities here if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure.

    Camping and Lodging: Lakepoint State Park is a great place to spend the weekend. You can choose from camping, fisherman’s cabins, lakeside cottages, and lodge rooms depending on your needs for relaxation or isolation.

    Pets: In Lakepoint State Park, dogs are allowed in designated day-use areas and dog-friendly facilities if they’re on a leash. However, it is important to keep an eye out for other park-goers because the majority of these parks do not permit pets outside their designated leashed area.

    Things to do: Lakepoint State Park is a place to go for fishing, hiking, and other outside activities. You can also swim in the pool or play tennis. There are many picnic tables that you should bring lunch to when visiting Lakepoint State Park.

    Entrance Fee: The Lakepoint State Park entrance fee for vehicles are Cars $5.00, Vans $12.00, Buses $25 and they all come with a state park sticker!

    Opening Hour:  The park, open 24 hours for your convenience, can be found on the shores of Lake Mendota just outside Madison where you will find many activities waiting like boating or hiking.

    16. Meaher State Park

    Meaher State Park

    Meaher State Park is a park that occupies 1,327 acres of land along the shoreline on Big Island.

    This island lies within Alabama and it’s where you’ll find Ducker Bay which runs alongside Mobile Bay. At this junction, there are public-owned recreation areas to explore with an abundance of wildlife around every corner!

    Camping and Lodging: Meaher State Park is the perfect place to camp with your family! Choose from cabins, RV camping, and tent campsites.

    Pets: Meaher State Park is a wonderful place to spend the day with your canine companions. Dogs are welcome in the park, but must be on leashes and cleaned up after.

    Things to do: Meaher State Park is a great place to experience nature. You can take long walks in the woods or enjoy some fishing on one of the 5 rivers that pass through this park. There are also geocaching and paddling opportunities, as well as picnic areas for those looking to have fun with family members!

    Entrance Fee: Meaher State Park entrance fee is $2 per person, but children under 12 get free admission.

    Opening Hour: Meaher State Park is open from 7 am to 5 pm but it’s worth going earlier so that you can beat the crowds who flock here during lunchtime.

    17. Monte Sano State Park

    Monte Sano State Park

    Monte Sano State Park is one of the most popular parks in Huntsville. It was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps and it has been managed by the state since 1954. The park is still true to its original mission.

    This place provides outdoor recreation facilities of high quality. There are more than 1,950 acres (870 ha) that stretch across both sides of this mountain with scenic overlooks and modern campsites.

    Camping and Lodging: Monte Sano State Park is a good place for camping. You can set up your tent in one of their campsites or you can rent a cabin and it will feel like you are home.

    Pets: Monte Sano State Park has welcomed all kinds of pets since 1985. Dogs are only allowed in the park if they’re on a leash and you clean up after them, too!

    Things to do: Monte Sano State Park has many things for visitors to do. Visitors can go to the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum & Memorial, play disc golf, and visit the playground. There are also many beautiful places for visitors to see in North Alabama Japanese Garden or Wernher von Braun Planetarium.

    Entrance Fee: Monte Sano State Park claims to be the “Coolest Place in Alabama.” The entrance fee is only $5.00 per person.

    Opening Hour: Monte Sano State Park is a beautiful place to explore. Visitors can take in the sights and sounds of nature from 8:00 AM till sundown!

    18. Oak Mountain State Park

    Oak Mountain State Park

    You’ll have to see it for yourself. Oak Mountain State Park is an awe-striking place with a lot of history and beautiful scenery, including lakes!

    This country from here on southward will not compare to what we have seen north of here. That’s because it is beautiful.

    Camping and Lodging: Oak Mountain State Park you can experience an outdoor camping trip or a cabin stay with friends and family.

    Pets: Pets are permitted in Oak Mountain State Park, but they must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet long at all times.

    Things to do: Oak Mountain State Park is a place for families to enjoy. You can fish, ride horses or golf. There are many things to do at Alabama’s Wildlife Center, Demonstration Farm, and Oak Mountain Interpretive Center. Kids will love playing with animals on the farm or playing at the playgrounds. There are also some more grown-up activities like swimming or going for a walk and seeing nature through treetop trails.

    Entrance Fee: If you’re 3 or younger, you can get into the park for free. If you’re 4-11 and cost 2 dollars each person. If you are 12-61 the fee is $5 per person. But if you are 62 or older then you only need to pay $2 per person.

    Opening Hour: The park is open from 7 am to 7 pm year-round so that visitors have ample time to explore all they want in one day or over an extended weekend getaway!

    19. Paul Grist State Park

    Paul Grist State Park

    Paul M. Grist State Park is a public recreation area located 17 miles north of Selma that offers water activities on 100 acres as well as facilities for camping and picnicking.

    While exploring the beautiful scenic surroundings, visitors can enjoy all four seasons in Alabama from fishing to swimming or just taking it easy with friends at the campsite where they’ll have plenty of room to spread out

    Camping and Lodging: Paul Grist State Park is a good place to go if you need to get away from your daily life. Camping in this park lets you experience nature with all of its beauty. It will be hard not to love such amazing natural things!

    Pets: Paul Grist State Park is a dog-friendly place where you can have scenic hikes.

    Things to do: Paul Grist State Park is a good place to enjoy a day. There are boats, horses, and fishing. The trees turn colors in the fall. You can also swim in the water after going outside by renting a boat from Paul Bunion Boat Rentals.

    Entrance Fee: To enter the Paul Grist State Park, a $3 fee is required for adults. Seniors are only charged 2 dollars and children get in free with adult supervision from an accompanying person over 18 years of age who has paid admission.

    Opening Hour: The Paul Grist State Park is a beautiful location to spend the day. The entrance opens up at 7 am and closes down until dusk at 7 pm, but we recommend getting there early to avoid long lines!

    20. Rickwood Caverns State Park

    Rickwood Caverns State Park

    Rickwood Caverns State Park in Alabama is a 380-acre public recreation area that includes an underground pool and various other limestone formations estimated to be 260 million years old.

    The state park offers tours of the caverns where you can explore blind cavefish, illuminated stone shapes, and many more mysteries lurking within its depths.

    Camping and Lodging: Rickwood Caverns State Park is a great place for an adventure. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while camping out in one of their many campsites, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, try group camping!

    Pets: Rickwood Caverns State Park welcomes four-legged friends on their scenic trails, but they are not allowed inside the caves.

    Things to do: Rickwood Caverns State Park is a fun place to go during the summer. Visitors can do cave tours, picnic areas, swimming in a large pond with sandy beaches and water slides for both kids and adults alike; there are also plenty of hiking trails nearby!

    Entrance Fee: Rick Wood cavern State Park’s entrance price ranges from $2-$3 per person, and depends on what time you come in!

    Opening Hour: Rickwood Caverns State Park is open every day of the year from 9 am to 5 pm. Visitors can explore and enjoy Rickwood’s limestone formations. They have been carved by underground rivers over millions of years.

    21. Roland Cooper State Park

    Roland Cooper State Park

    Roland Cooper State Park is a public place that you can go to play. It’s found on the eastern shore of Dannelly Reservoir, but it is 22,000 acres.

    This park is said to be one of Alabama’s most scenic and thrilling parks. It is serene, for people who want to go picnicking or fishing. People also like the high-flying opportunities on Lake Roland Cooper.

    Camping and Lodging: Roland Cooper State Park is a go-to spot for people who like camping but do not want to be roughing it every time. They have cabins with pet-friendly rooms or improved campsites near bathrooms and running water!

    Pets: Pets are allowed at the park and there are six expansive and luxurious pet-friendly cabins that you can rent at Park Roland Cooper State Park. They range in size from cozy to spacious, so there is something for everyone!

    Things to do: Park Roland Cooper State is a good place to go if you want to go fishing. There are lots of boats and there are fish in the lake.

    Entrance Fee: The Park Roland Cooper State offers visitors an immersive environment with no entrance fee.

    Opening Hour: Park Roland Cooper State is open from 6 am to 10 pm and they have activities for people of all ages!

    22. Wind Creek State Park

    Wind Creek State Park

    If you are looking for outdoor activities, Wind Creek State Park is a good place to go. There are 1,445 acres and so many things to do! You can fish on one side while bird watching on the other, or kayak down winding creeks. You can go to Wind Creek State Park to see beautiful nature. It might be possible to climb high cliffs, or you could get close to nature by going on a trail.

    Wind creek state park has something for everyone. You can do water sports or just sit and relax. It is not a disappointment and it will be fun no matter what you do there.

    Camping and Lodging: Wind Creek State Park offers a variety of camping options. There are campsites, cabins, and even an area to camp with horses!

    Pets: Every dog will be invited to explore the trails with their parents and can stay at our campsites or two cabins for an additional fee.

    Things to do: Wind Creek State Park is an adventure-filled park that features archery, fishing tournaments, local attractions, and events. Wind Creek also offers zip line canopy tours to experience the great outdoors!

    Entrance Fee: Wind Creek State Park is a popular vacation spot for its scenic views. Renting out the campsite costs $68.65 per day and a transaction fee of $5 will apply in addition to individual daily use fees charged by Wind Creek employees.

    Opening Hour: Wind Creek State Park is open from 9 am to 4 pm every day.

    Alabama is a great place to visit, with its rich history and culture. We can help you find the perfect hotel for your trip or plan an itinerary of all that there is to do in this state. If you’ve never been before, we have some ideas on where to start exploring (and eating!).

    And if it turns out that Alabama isn’t quite what you’re looking for don’t worry! You’ll be happy to know that they also offer travel advice and tips from other regions across America. Make sure your next vacation takes you somewhere amazing!