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Top 2 National Parks in Illinois

    The beauty of Illinois is not always on the surface. You may never discover many hidden treasures unless you look closer.

    There are two national parks in Illinois: Lincoln Home National Historic Site and Pullman National Monument. There are other parks too, but these two are the most popular. If you want to explore nature, this post shows some great ideas for where to go.

    1. Lincoln Home National Historic Site

    Lincoln Home National Historic Site

    The Lincoln Home National Historic Site is a popular park in Illinois. President Abraham Lincoln lived there and it was his home from 1844-1861.

    You can visit this site to see what life might have been like for a president during that era. You can also explore some great exhibits about the history of the US.

    LLincoln Home is a museum where the house where Abraham Lincoln lived is displayed. Discover his stories and explore his house. It is also possible to watch videos or use interactive touch screens.

    You can visit this place for free with your friends and family. Online booking is available for tours. They offer tours every day except Monday, starting from 11 am until 4 pm, so they have something for everyone here!

    2. Pullman National Monument

    Pullman National Monument

    The Pullman National Monument is in the Chicago suburb of Pullman, Illinois.

    By presidential proclamation dated November 17, 2015, it was established. It recognized the significance of this town that played an important part in American labor history.

    During Barack Obama’s presidency, he designated 27 national monuments. Some sites are important to our history and need to be preserved.

    In this town, many people have never heard of it. Our town offers tours that teach you about its history and culture.

    Art museums are good places to learn things about history. There are artifacts on display and you can learn how life was before modern technology.

    I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the many adventures that Illinois has to offer and will consider visiting our great state. When you are in this area, please stop by one of our many attractions and enjoy some delicious food!