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The National Park in Delaware

    Have you ever been to Delaware?

    It’s the perfect destination for people who love nature and want to get away from it all. The park has everything you could ever need hiking trails, camping sites, fishing spots, and more. There are plenty of things to do here that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

    Take your family out this weekend and spend some time exploring the natural beauty of Delaware nation park! You’ll be glad you did when you’re back home relaxing with a cup of coffee or reading a book by the fire. This is one trip that won’t disappoint!

    1. First State National Historical Park

    North of Wilmington, Delaware, there is a place called Woodlawn. It is a wildlife preserve and an urban park. The Woodlawn property is north of Wilmington, Delaware. It is a park with plants and animals.

    It was the first state in America to ratify the Constitution. Three powerful countries are involved and it has a unique character because of it.

    There are seven sites on the First State National Historical Park’s list. They include Fort Christina and Beaver Valley Woodlawn Tract. William Penn came to New Jersey with Quakers, but they weren’t welcomed anywhere else.

    In the northern part of Delaware, there are two historic sites that are included in a national park. The Woodlawn National Monument and New Castle Courthouse Museum.

    Delaware National Park (Water Gap)

    The Old Swedes Church is the oldest church still used for worship. Fort Christina was established by Queen Christina in 1633 and it was for people who were looking to immigrate into North America at an affordable cost or even free of charge.

    Every year, Delaware offers so many different events and adventures. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly event or an adventure, Delaware has it! If you are considering planning your next vacation in the state of Delaware, let us know.

    We know you want to have a good time on your trip. To help, we will tell you about our favorite hotels and restaurants. Which one do you want? Let us know!