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The National Park in New Hampshire

    New Hampshire is a beautiful state with lots of adventure waiting for you!

    New Hampshire

    New Hampshire has a National Park. Tourists can come and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are many trails for hiking and there are different animals including deer, moose, coyotes, foxes, and more!

    Red Fox at New Hampshire

    People come to NH for the White Mountains, but that is not all we have. You can snowboard or go hiking. There are lots of rivers and lakes for fishing or kayaking. We have museums, zoos, theaters, concerts, and festivals year-round. Plus our food is really good!

    Come explore New Hampshire this summer! The parks are open year-round so you can come anytime. No matter what the weather is like, it’s always a good time to come here during vacation. You won’t regret coming once you get there!

    Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park

    Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park

    Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park is a place of peace and tranquility. It was the summer residence for sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens from 1885 to 1897, and his permanent home until 1907 where he died at age 65.

    This house is an escape from city life. It has spaces for outdoor sculptures on the terraces that overlook Mount Ascutney. People felt like members of one artistic community called The Colony because so many people made art here and it was all inspired by its tranquil setting.

    It is a nature lover’s paradise, with common sightings of White-tailed Deer and Eastern Newts among others. However rare sightings of animals may include moose or black bears. The park has different plants and animals that nature lovers can enjoy. There are songbirds, too!

    The park has many trails for people to explore. You can also see sculptures and enjoy the beauty of the historical site. There is so much to do here, from hiking, biking, fishing, or hunting. It will be hard to leave!

    Pets: Dogs are allowed in the park, but they should be on a leash and under control. Even when you’re hiking through nature trails!

    Camping: The Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park does not have a campground. You can find commercial campsites nearby in Ascutney, Vermont for overnight parking. Camping at the site is prohibited.

    Tour: There are many outdoor activities to choose from at the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park. There is a hiking, fishing, and star parties. It can be fun to explore this park’s natural beauty through these activities. There are events at the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park. They will have sculptures and concerts. There will be sculpture workshops this year too!

    Entrance Fee: The entrance fee to Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park is $10.00 for adults 16 and older, children 15 years old or younger are free! Visitors get a 3-day pass with the purchase of an entrance ticket.

    The Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park is a perfect place for visitors to not only experience the beauty of this country’s natural landscape but also learn about its history.

    There are no better places in New Hampshire than this park that offer adventure and education all at once. Come visit the park with your family today!