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Top 4 National Parks in Nevada

    Nevada is a beautiful place to visit.

    There are so many things to do in Nevada that you won’t know where to start. 

    Nevada is a state in the Western part of America. It is next to Oregon and Idaho. The state is 7th most extensive and 19th least populous among other US states. It also has the 9th lowest density of people, with about 2 people per square mile!

    Nevada is a beautiful state with many different places and adventures. There are hiking and biking trails, mountains, lakes, and more. We have great food here! You will never be bored here. Come and explore the beauty of Nevada for yourself.

    1. Death Valley National Park

    Death Valley National Park

    Death Valley National Park is a great place to see beautiful natural things. It’s in both California and Nevada and has ghost towns and salt flats.

    You’ll love exploring the Titus Canyon Trail. You can see pine trees that weave in and out of the rocks. Or you could climb to Telescope Peak and enjoy views like this. That’s really neat! On the other side of Death Valley from where we are, North America’s lowest point is waiting. People come and explore the colors from the rocks in Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, but they should be careful because there are rattlesnakes there!

    Pets: Death Valley National Park is a big park in California. Pets are allowed on all roads that cars can take, and not at any trails or wilderness areas of this beautiful nature preserve.

    Camping: Free camping at the Death Valley National Park is called backcountry camping and you need a permit to camp there.

    Tour: Death Valley National Park is a great place to explore. You can hike, sightsee, camp out with a permit and go on backcountry roads. It’s also good for mountain biking and stargazing with the Star Wars Auto Tour as well as more guided tours too!

    Entrance Fee: You can buy a day pass to Death Valley National Park. It costs $20 and it will save you time from waiting in line at the entrance gate each time you visit.

    2. Great Basin National Park

    Great Basin National Park

    The Great Basin National Park is more than just a desert. It has lots of mountains and the tallest mountain in Nevada. And it has one of the only two ancient bristlecone pine groves left on earth. But this park is not for everyone because it can be hot and dry sometimes.

    It can be too hot in some places or for people who are not used to the heat. People come to the mountains from all over to hike trails. They will find peace near rare plants like cacti trees and shrubs that grow in rocky places. When people are far away, it looks like forests.

    Pets: Great Basin National Park does not allow pets. Except for on the Lexington Arch Trail and between Baker and The Great Basin Visitor Center.

    Camping: Camping in the Great Basin National Park is a fun way to spend your time. There are five campgrounds for visitors, but some of them may close due to weather conditions.

    Tour: Great Basin National Park is a place for people who like to go outside. They can explore, take tours, go fishing, and sightseeing. It has beautiful mountains with caves everywhere.

    Entrance Fee: Great Basin National Park is a place to be in nature. There are no entrance fees and the tour prices vary depending on how much time you have. 60-minute tours cost $8 for adults/$4 for children while 90 minutes cost $10/$5 respectively.

    3. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

    Lake Mead National Recreation Area

    Lake Mead is a huge area in the southeast of Nevada and west of Arizona. It has a big lake called Lake Mead and also two smaller lakes made by Hoover Dam and Davis Dam.

    The recreation area is all these water and land areas. There is wilderness to explore and beautiful trails for biking or hiking. You can also fish at any of the many lakes.

    Pets: Pets are welcome in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, but they have to stay on a leash and not bother other people or animals.

    Camping: Lake Mead National Recreation Area has different types of campsites to choose from. There are RV parks and lakeside camping. There is something for everyone at 15 different locations of Lake Mead Park!

    Tour: The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a great place to go on an outdoor adventure. You can do many activities like kayaking, camping, and fishing. There are even bike trails!

    Entrance Fee: Visitors to Lake Mead National Recreation Area who enter by vehicle are required to pay a $25 entrance fee.

    4. Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

    Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

    Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument is a great place to go. There, you can learn about the Earth’s history. There are an Ice Age paleontological museum and outdoor exhibits that show fossils of many animals from this time.

    This national monument has 22,650 acres in it. There are many places to explore, both indoors and out.

    Pets: Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument is a good place to visit with your pet. You can walk them in the miles of trails and they will feel like they are in heaven.

    Camping: There are campsites near Tule Springs Fossil Beds. You can go there and get up close to animals in North America.

    Tour: To see the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument, you can walk for one mile on Aliante Loop Temporary Trail. There are also short hikes that will take you to other points of interest. The ancient fossils and petroglyphs are good for your creativity!

    Entrance Fee: Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument is a place where you can go for free. It can be fun to visit. You probably want to bring your friends and family if you do come because it is a great place

    In Nevada, there are many opportunities to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of its parks. The animals there are very fun to see. You can hike in the park for miles, or you can even swim in a waterfall that is hundreds of feet tall.

    As tourists, you can explore our desert lands by going to these national treasures. There are a lot of them. Try visiting some when you have time off from work or on a vacation.

    Do you have your suitcase? Get ready for an adventure!