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Top 39 State Parks in Colorado

    Colorado is a very beautiful state. It has a lot to offer from its majestic mountains and canyons to its rich history and culture. If you’re looking for an adventure, Colorado is the place to go! Here are ten amazing state parks that won’t disappoint!

    Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful state parks in the country.

    Whether you’re looking for a place to camp, hike, or just relax and enjoy nature, these ten state parks are sure to please. You can find everything from wild highland scenes tucked between mountain peaks to colorful canyons of rock that make for a dramatic backdrop. These parks offer something for everyone with activities like fishing, camping, hiking trails, and more!

    If you love spending time outdoors surrounded by natural beauty then this list will be your new favorite thing! From backpacking through lush forests filled with wildlife to climbing up rocky cliffs overlooking breathtaking views of the mountains below – there’s an adventure waiting for you at one of these top ten state parks in Colorado. Don’t wait any longer – get out there and explore what our great state has to offer!

    1. Eleven Mile State Park

    Eleven Mile State Park

    Eleven Mile State Park is a Colorado state park located in the town of Lake George. The 7,662-acre park surrounds 3,405 acres and 5.5 miles long Eleven Mile Reservoir that offers boating activities as well as 300 campsites with amenities such as restrooms and showers for visitors’ use.

    Camping and Lodging: Eleven Mile State Park has nine different campgrounds, each with a range of amenities. There are basic sites for hikers and bikers as well as electric campsites on the shoreline for families looking to lounge by the lake all day long.

    Pets: At the Eleven Mile State Park, dogs are allowed on leashes at its campground. These pets must be kept within 6 feet of their owner’s vehicle while outside to ensure they do not bother others in the area.

    Things to do: Eleven Mile State Park is the perfect place to enjoy a variety of activities. Pack or boat in for 14 secluded backcountry sites with great views and hiking trails, rugged mountain biking paths, birdwatching areas, boating opportunities on Lake Marie Louise (with rentals available), dog-friendly spots that are away from campgrounds so your pup can roam free without disturbing other visitors’ getaway time! There are even education programs at the park office during the summer months where you can learn about wildlife.

    Entrance Fee: Eleven Mile State Park is a great place to explore nature and get away from the busy city. For $7, you can visit this park by car with your own vehicle or rental!

    Opening Hour: Eleven Mile State Park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    2. Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

    Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

    The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area is one of the most popular places to go rafting and kayaking on the Arkansas River. There are over 313 different rapids throughout a total length of more than 160 miles, depending upon which path you take to get there! The river flows through three states: Colorado, Kansas, and finally ending in Oklahoma where it meets up with its sister rivers – Poteau River (Oklahoma) & Cimarron Rivers (Kansas).

    Camping and Lodging: When camping at the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, you should reserve your site in advance to avoid disappointment.

    When camping at the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, visitors must make a reservation beforehand so as not to be disappointed when arriving and finding there are no available spots for their stay.

    Pets: The Arkansas Headwaters Campground allows dogs, but they must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet when outside of your car. They should also not be left alone at the campsite without you there as well and dog fees are waived for those that do bring their pet along with them camping.

    Things to do: It has an abundance of things to do, such as camping, hiking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. The cliffs provide a perfect backdrop for rock climbing while gold panning can be done along the river’s shores in deep ravines and broad valleys.

    Entrance Fee: The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area is free of entrance fees.

    Opening Hour: The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area opens from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, offering a variety of activities including kayaking and fishing.

    3. Highline Lake State Park

    Highline Lake State Park

    Highline Lake State Park is a popular camping and fishing destination in Colorado. The park contains two lakes, Highline Lake and Mack Mesa Lakes.

    Camping and Lodging: Highline Lake State Park offers camping and campgrounds for visitors. It also has a variety of lodging options, including cabins or teepee rentals if you prefer to stay indoors instead of in your tent. 

    Pets: Dogs are allowed at Highline Lake State Park and they must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet when outside your vehicle, properly cleaned up after, and should not be left unattended.

    Things to do: In going to Highline Lake State park! There are a ton of things you can do while there: biking, birding, boating, camping, and fishing. You can even take your dog on some trails if they’re up for it or participate in the education programs offered by rangers at the park. If that wasn’t enough fun activities already–you could try geocaching when you visit as well!

    Entrance Fee: Highline Lake State Park is a beautiful and scenic park to visit. It will cost $14 per vehicle or $4 for those who bike in, but it’s well worth the price.

    Highline Lake State Park may have an expensive entry fee, but its stunning views of lush greenery make a trip there worthwhile.

    Opening Hour: Highline Lake State Park opens from 7 am to 8 pm daily.

    4. Navajo State Park

    Navajo State Park

    Navajo State Park is a state park of Colorado that has been compared to Lake Powell, in Utah. The San Juan River starts in Colorado and extends into New Mexico.

    Camping and Lodging: Navajo State Park is home to both boat rentals and launching. Nearby at Navajo Lake Lodge, you can also find cabin lodging for a more comfortable stay on the lake.

    Pets: At Navajo State Park, dogs are allowed on the trails and throughout the park. There is no additional pet fee to have your dog with you at all times during a hike or walk through local nature paths.

    Things to do: The activities within Navajo Lake State Park include camping, boating, sailing, cliff-diving for the more experienced individual or group who dives into the deep blue waters of the lake below.

    Fishing is available but requires a permit which can be purchased at local sporting goods stores such as Big 5 Sporting Goods that includes scuba diving and water skiing in addition to swimming and wildlife viewing all are possible options according to your preferences.

    Entrance Fee: At Navajo State Park, camping fees are $8/night for primitive sites and $10/ night for developed sites. 

    Developed campsites with electric hookups cost between 14-18 dollars per night depending on amenities.

    Opening Hour: Navajo State Park is open 24 hours a day, allowing visitors to enjoy the landscape around them for any time of day. Visitors can hike in scenic trails and see Native American archeological sites from early morning through midnight.

    5. Barr Lake State Park

    Barr Lake State Park

    The 2,715-acre Barr Lake State Park was established in 1977 as a Colorado state park near Brighton. The most popular activity that occurs here is fishing and boating on the northern half of this manmade lake called “Barr”. There are 12 miles worth of trails to explore around the large expanse but only an 8.8-mile trail circle it all while taking you through some beautiful scenery along with charming wildlife!

    Camping and Lodging: Well there are no campsites at Barr Lake State Park, Colorado has several other state parks with nearby campgrounds. For example, Cherry Creek State Park is within an hour and a half drive from the park on average.

    Pets: At Barr Lake State Park, leashed pets are allowed at the park. Be courteous and always remove pet waste; don’t let your dog disturb other visitors or wildlife in the area. Dogs aren’t permitted inside of Wildlife Refuge Area either

    Things to do: There are many things to do in Barr Lake State Park, including biking around the lake for 8.8 miles on a shared trail with hikers and horses, birding more than 350 species of birds observed at the park…

    Camping is not allowed; however day use-only activities include boating and fishing using all legal methods.

    Entrance Fee: The great escape awaits at Barr Lake State Park, which offers a day of fun for only $7.00 per vehicle

    Opening Hour: Barr Lake State Park opens at 5 AM and closes at 10 PM.

    6. Boyd Lake State Park

    Boyd Lake State Park

    Boyd Lake State Park is a place where people can go to do stuff. They have events for the public, like fishing derbies and clinics. Education programs are also held at this location to help promote conservation efforts as well as volunteer projects intended to improve local parks in nearby cities.

    Camping and Lodging: Boyd Lake State Park has a modern campground with 148 paved pull-through sites that can accommodate RVs up to 40ft in length. All vehicles and trailers must stay on the site’s asphalt, so there isn’t much chance of camping without an RV or trailer at this park!

    Pets: Boyd Lake State Park is a great place to take your pet because they are allowed on the trails and must be kept on a 6-foot leash at all times.

    Things to do: Boyd Lake State Park is a popular destination for anyone looking to get out of the house and have some fun. Boating, fishing, camping, picnicking are all great activities that can be done in addition to swimming or hiking around this 1,700-acre lake. In fact, it’s perfect year-round with skiing available during wintertime too!

    Entrance Fee: Boyd Lake is a popular state park in northeast Loveland that will see an increase of its daily entrance fee to $11.

    Opening Hour: Boyd Lake State Park is open 24 hours a day, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves to be outdoors at any time of the night or day

    7. Castlewood Canyon State Park

    Castlewood Canyon State Park

    Colorado’s Castlewood Canyon State Park is a hidden gem. The park offers visitors the chance to explore the history, as well as enjoy an abundance of nature trails and beautiful views. Visitors can still see evidence from historical events such as when a dam broke in 1933 causing disastrous flooding throughout the state.

    Camping and Lodging: Castlewood Canyon State Park is a year-round, day-use park. There are no camping facilities at Castlewood Canyon State Park but the area does offer many amenities and activities such as hiking trails to explore or kayaking on the water of Cherry Creek Reservoir

    Pets: At Castlewood Canyon State Park, pets are welcomed on most trails except for the new East Canyon Preservation Area trail.

    Things to do: Castlewood Canyon State Park offers a variety of activities for people to engage in. For example, hiking and biking are not allowed on the trails at Castlewood. However, there are dog-friendly areas where dogs can run around freely as long as they have proper leashes or cages with them (the park service must approve). The park also has education programs available such as guided hikes/tours that teach about nature and wildlife. One option visitors may partake in is picnicking which allows families to relax outside while enjoying food among other outdoor enthusiasts!

    Entrance Fee: The entrance fees to Castlewood Canyon State Park are $10 for a daily vehicle pass and $80 for an annual pass. There is also an Aspen Leaf Annual Pass available, which costs just 64 dollars.

    Opening Hour: Castlewood Canyon State Park is open roughly 8 am to sunset. The hours change seasonally, so be sure to check with the park office before visiting.

    8. Chatfield State Park

    Chatfield State Park

    Chatfield State Park is a state park located in Douglas and Jefferson counties of Colorado. The park has more than 34,000 acres of land. The 1,423 acres Chatfield Reservoir at the center of this beautiful state park was formed by a dam that backs water up from Plum Creek and the South Platte River.

    The beautiful mountain lake areas are great for fishing, swimming & boating activities while the trails surrounding it make fantastic hiking paths during the summer months.

    Camping and Lodging: Chatfield State Park is a great camping spot with both campsites and cabins available. To make your trip even more relaxing, Chatfield also offers nearby lodging options like hotels near me or Airbnb locations.

    Pets: Chatfield State Park offers fenced-in areas where dogs are allowed off their leashes. It includes miles of trails and even an area for your dog to play in the water! Take a day with your pup to explore, meet other canines, and run free safely at Chatfield State Park.

    Things to do: Chatfield State Park is a great place to spend time and enjoy your free time. They have many different activities that you can participate in including biking, boating, camping (group or individual), fishing, hiking trails for all levels of experience/fitness level as well as dog-friendly areas! Chatfield also offers education programs such as guided nature hikes and the Junior Ranger program.

    Entrance Fee: $10 for a daily vehicle pass.

    Chatfield State Park entrance fees are $10 per day, with no annual passes available at this time.

    Opening Hour: Chatfield State Park is open from 5 AM to 10 PM every day.

    9. Cherry Creek State Park

    Cherry Creek State Park

    Cherry Creek State Park is a park in Colorado. The county is Arapahoe. The 880-acre reservoir at its center offers the perfect spot for water sports like power boating, sailing, and kayaking while still preserving the natural prairie landscape of grasses, flowers, and wetlands to visitors’ delight.

    Camping and Lodging: The Cherry Creek State Park in Colorado offers camping sites for $10. There are a variety of campgrounds, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. When reserving online, it costs an additional $25 to $50 depending on how many people will be attending this trip with you (price based on number attending).

    Pets: Cherry Creek State Park offers fenced-in areas where dogs are allowed off their leashes. It includes miles of trails and even an area for your dog to play in the water! Take a day with your pup to explore, meet other canines, and run free safely at Cherry Creek State Park.

    Things to do: Cherry Creek State Park is an iconic Colorado destination. Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor recreational activities, like hiking, trail-running, and biking or they might prefer to go camping in the summertime. In addition to their beautiful trails winding through forests filled with wildlife and wildflowers Cherry Creek also offers visitors skiing for those who favor snow sports over more traditional land recreation options during winter months.

    Entrance Fee: At Cherry Creek State, the entrance fee is 11 USD for one day. If you want an Annual Pass it will cost 73 USD per year and if you are a Colorado resident then your pass will be discounted by 10%. For camping, there are group campsite fees of 18-35 depending on how many people are in that party as well as utility site charges which vary from $36-41.

    Opening Hour: Cherry Creek State Park is open from 5 AM to 10 PM every day.

    10. Eldorado Canyon State Park

    Eldorado Canyon State Park

    Eldorado Canyon State Park is a Colorado state park located near Boulder and offers access to both the Inner canyon area of Eldorado which allows for hiking, biking, picnics as well as Crescent Meadows where there are more opportunities available. The total acreage at this park consists of 885 acres with multiple activities on offer.

    Camping and Lodging: Eldorado Canyon State Park is a day-use only park that closes at sunset. There are no camping opportunities available in the state park, and visitors must vacate the premises by nightfall.

    Pets: Eldorado Canyon State Park is a great place for dogs to hike. Dogs of all sizes are allowed throughout the park and on trails, as long as they’re leashed at all times with their owner and clean up after themselves.

    Things to do: Eldorado Springs is a town with many attractions, including El Dorado Canyon State Park and the Eldorado Swimming Pool. The most popular attraction to visit in this beautiful city is at Naked Edge where you can see mountain climbers attempt vertical ascents of cliffs over 1,000 feet high!

    Entrance Fee: Visitors to Eldorado Canyon State Park will need to pay a fee of $10/vehicle or $4/person for any non-vehicle entry. An annual pass is also available for those who visit frequently, charging them only $80 per year rather than the daily fees.

    Opening Hour: Eldorado Canyon State Park is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

    11. Cheyenne Mountain State Park 

    Cheyenne Mountain State Park 

    Cheyenne Mountain State Park is a Colorado state park that lies between the cities of Fountain and Woodland Park. The 1,575-acre property was donated to Great Outdoors Colorado by El Paso County in 1999.

    It opened for public use on June 6th, 2000 after much money had been spent renovating its facilities as well as adding new amenities such as hiking trails, picnic sites, campgrounds, etc., with help from CSU’s Trustees Committee for Resource Management Fund which received $2 million funding through lottery revenue bonds issued by GOCO in 2001.

    Camping and Lodging: If you’re looking to camp in Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain State Park is open year-round with four different camping options. We have spacious full hookups and basic tent sites for all your needs!

    Pets: Cheyenne Mountain State Park allows dogs on its designated trails and never in the backcountry.

    Things to do: Go-Karts, Roller Coasters, and Zip Lines are in full swing at Cheyenne Mountain State Park! The park is offering a summer pass for all visitors that includes access to these activities as well as other fabulous ones.

    Entrance Fee: The Cheyenne Mountain State Park daily vehicle pass costs $9. The park includes two lakes, a sand beach, and several wooded hiking trails with amazing views of the Rocky Mountains.

    Opening Hour: Cheyenne Mountain State Park is open from 5 am to 10 pm, making it a great place for those who enjoy hiking and camping in the early morning or evening hours.

    12. Crawford State Park

    Crawford State Park

    Located about a mile south of the town of Crawford in Delta County, Colorado is the beautiful and scenic state park known as Crawford State Park.

    This gorgeous landscape consists of land that was once occupied by one man’s homestead farm but now encompasses water from its namesake reservoir which lies adjacent to Black Canyon National Park where you can enjoy kayaking or tubing down this magnificent canyon. The towns surrounding are quaint with plenty to see and do!

    Camping and Lodging: Crawford State Park provides camping in designated areas. Campers are restricted to a stay of not more than 14 campsites and must comply with any posted restrictions.

    Pets: Crawford State Park allows dogs of all sizes for no additional fee.

    Things to do: Crawford State Park has a stunning park, sheer black cliffs sandwich the Gunnison River in this area. This state park also offers camping, hiking trails, and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy.

    Entrance Fee: Crawford State Park Reservation fees do not include park pass entrance fees.

    Opening Hour: Crawford State Park is open around the clock, offering visitors a place to go anytime they want.

    13. Trinidad Lake State Park

    Trinidad Lake State Park

    Dubbed “A Colorado State Park for All Seasons,” Trinidad Lake State Park is a must-visit when you’re in the area.

    In addition to its historical mining ruins, there are many recreational activities available including hiking trails and boating opportunities on the beautiful lake itself!

    Camping and Lodging: Trinidad Lake State Park is located near the town of Trinidad, Colorado. The park has two campgrounds with 73 sites each for a total of 146 camping spots on both lakeshores and in between cattails.

    Pets: Dogs are allowed at Trinidad Lake State Park Campground, but they must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet when outside your vehicle.

    Things to do: At Trinidad Lake State Park, there are many fun activities for the whole family. Fishing is great and camping spots allow you to get outside and enjoy nature.

    Entrance Fee: Enter Trinidad Lake State Park for a week of fun and excitement at only $7. 

    Opening Hour: Visitors can enjoy the park from 6 am to 10 pm every day.

    14. Elkhead Reservoir State Park

    Elkhead Reservoir State Park

    Elkhead Reservoir State Park is a state park in Colorado. It is 900 acres. There are two counties, Routt and Moffat, that surround Elkhead Reservoir, State Park.

    It was called that because it resembled an elk’s head when viewed from above, as seen on Google Maps.

    Camping and Lodging: Visitors to the Elkhead Campgrounds have a choice between staying in basic tents or using an RV. There are no hydrants and dump stations for these campgrounds, but visitors can use public restrooms located at each of them instead if they need it.

    Pets: Elkhead Reservoir State Park is one of the most dog-friendly places.

    Things to do: Elkhead Reservoir State Park is where people can swim at the designated swim-beach and from a boat in no-wake areas on the north end of Elkhead Lake.

    Entrance Fee: Elkhead Reservoir is a State Park located in Colorado. If you wish to visit, the price of one vehicle pass will be $9 per day.

    Opening Hour: Elkhead Reservoir State Park is open from 8 am–6 pm, and it’s a great place to go for boating.

    15. Fishers Peak State Park 

    Fishers Peak State Park

    Fishers Peak State Park is a new Colorado state park with great hiking trails to explore. Trinidad Lake State Park, only ten minutes away from the mountain peak of Fisher’s Peak and larger than any lake in South Carolina, can also be enjoyed by visitors as well. The views are breathtaking at both locations!

    Camping and Lodging: At Fishers Peak State Park, there’s a place called Hipcamp which is the most comprehensive resource for unique outdoor stays. Discover and book tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, or glamping at one of these spots.

    Pets: Fishers Peak State Park is a beautiful place to hike and enjoy nature, but dogs are not allowed on the property.

    Things to do: Fishers Peak State Park has something for everyone! Hikers can explore the First Look Trail and Discovery Trail, while hunters of all kinds will enjoy exploring Fisher’s Peak. There is also a great picnic area near the parking lot that provides easy access to fun activities like hiking or hunting.

    Entrance Fee: Fishers Peak State Park’s fees are waived, making this a great place to camp.

    Opening Hour: Fishers Peak State Park is open daily from sunrise to sunset so you have the whole day to explore.

    16. Golden Gate Canyon State

    Golden Gate Canyon State

    The Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a Colorado state park in Gilpin and Jefferson counties. It was established as an official 12,119-acre Front Range park back in 1960 with 42 miles of hiking trails for people to explore the area’s natural beauty. There are 27 designated biking and equine riding paths that allow visitors to take advantage of this open space too!

    Camping and Lodging: At Golden Gate State Park, you can stay in a serene mountain location 30 miles west of Denver. The park features 152 primitive and electric campsites as well as 6 cabins for rent or 2 yurts that each sleep 8 people comfortably!

    Pets: Dogs are especially welcome at Golden Gate! They’re permitted in the campgrounds and on all of our trails, so long as they remain leashed.

    Things to do: Golden Gate Canyon State Park is the perfect place to experience Colorado’s outdoors. With activities like golf, shooting sports, arts and crafts courses, white water rafting tours on Boulder Creek, or an ATV/Motorbike tour of some of our trails you won’t want your trip here to end!

    Entrance Fee: Golden Gate Canyon State Park costs $10.00 per car and dog for a single day, or you can pay an extra fee to stay overnight with your pet in one of the many campsites available throughout the park.

    Opening Hour: Golden Gate Canyon State Park opens at 5 am and closes at 10 pm.

    17. Harvey Gap State Park 

    Harvey Gap State Park

    Harvey Gap State Park is a Colorado state park that’s well known for its fishing, making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon. The reservoir — Grass Valley Reservoir — can be found in Harvey Gap and holds 190 acres of water when full. It also allows limited use boating year-round while still allowing visitors to fish whenever they want!

    Camping and Lodging: If you want to camp overnight, Rifle Gap State Park and Rifle Falls State Park offer a variety of options including campsites, cabins, and more.

    Pets: Harvey Gap State Park is a gorgeous park with great views, but no pets are allowed.

    Things to do: Harvey Gap State Park has everything you could want for a day out. You can swim, fish or park and have a picnic with friends! The perfect place to start your summer vacation.

    Entrance Fee: At Harvey Gap State Park, a daily vehicle pass costs $9 and an individual one is priced at $4. Annual passes are either affixed for 80 dollars or hang tags for 120 bucks; annual passes from Aspen Leaf (those 64 years old+) cost just 60 dollars​.

    Opening Hour: Harvey Gap State Park is open from 6 am–10 pm, but the visitor center closes at 5:30 pm. Guests are welcome to explore all of the trails leading up until that time and can enjoy miles upon miles of gorgeous hiking with a 360-degree view on top of Lookout Mountain.

    18. Jackson Lake State Park

    Jackson Lake State Park

    Jackson Lake State Park is located near Orchard, Colorado in western Morgan County. The reservoir is located on 2,411 acres of land surrounding the Jackson Dam, which was constructed during the early twentieth century and receives water from the South Platte River to store it for irrigation throughout the summer months.

    Camping and Lodging: Jackson Lake State Park is a great place to camp. It features 240 campsites, showers, and bathrooms, laundry facilities as well as electricity for your convenience! You can also enjoy the lake with fishing and swimming available year-round.

    Pets: You can take your pets to Jackson Lake State Park, but you should know that they need to be on a leash at all times and if their barking disturbs guests nearby then the owner will get fined.

    Things to do: Jackson Lake State Park is a great place to do all kinds of activities. There’s fishing, swimming, skiing, and biking for the adventurers while there are also hiking trails that provide beautiful views along with physical exercise.

    Entrance Fee: Jackson Lake State Park is an affordable place to spend a weekend camping. At just $23 per night, it’s easy to lose yourself in the beauty and serenity that surrounds you out here among nature. Pack up your favorite snacks and set off into the wilderness, where there are plenty of trails for hiking or biking!

    Opening Hour: Jackson Lake State Park opens from 8 am to 4 pm, an ideal time for camping activities and several other outdoor recreational opportunities.

    19. James M. Robb State Park

    James M. Robb State Park

    The James M. Robb Colorado River State Park is a state park in Mesa County, Colorado, located near Grand Junction on the Colorado River. With five distinct sections of land providing access to the riverside attractions, this 890-acre park has campsites and swim beaches available for visitors.

    Camping and Lodging:

    Pets: At the James M. Robb Colorado River State Park Campground, dogs are allowed but they must be kept on a leash at all times when outside of your vehicle to avoid any accidents.

    Things to do: The James M. Robb – Island Acres Section is at the eastern end of the park and provides a plethora of opportunities for fishing, hiking, camping, picnicking as well as swimming in Lake Superior.

    And also it has a lot of activities that visitors can enjoy during those hours such as boating, fishing swimming, picnicking trails for hiking or biking horseback riding camping surfing exploring nature photography birdwatching wildlife viewing rock climbing geocaching orienteering astronomy

    Entrance Fee: At the state park, there is a $4 fee for anyone wishing to walk or bike in the area.

    Opening Hour: The James M. Robb State Park is open from 5 am to 10 pm.

    20. John Martin Reservoir State Park

    John Martin Reservoir State Park

    Colorado’s John Martin Reservoir State Park is home to 400 different species of birds, making it a prime location for birdwatching. The reservoir itself holds the second most water in Colorado by capacity and was created following an agreement between Canada and the United States that stipulated two dams be built along the South Platte River to regulate its flow into Nebraska during droughts.

    Camping and Lodging: Lake Hasty is open year-round and has 213 standard campsites (60+ feet long) with electric hookups. There are also 60 extra-long sites, each being more than 70 meters in length. The Point Campground at John Martin Reservoir State Park offers basic amenities including restrooms, a dump station for RVs/trailers, picnic tables, and grills as well as fire rings located throughout campgrounds.

    Pets: At John Martin Reservoir Campground, dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet when outside your vehicle.

    Things to do: John Martin Reservoir Campground is the perfect place to go for your next outdoor adventure. With fishing, camping, hiking, and biking trails this park have something for everyone!

    Entrance Fee: John Martin Reservoir Campground has two different annual passes. The first is an affixed pass for $9 and the second is a hangtag that costs $120. Also, people over 64 get to save on their camping by only paying 70 dollars annually with the Aspen Leaf Annual Pass option.

    Opening Hour: The John Martin Reservoir Campground is open 24 hours a day.

    21. Lone Mesa State Park

    Lone Mesa State Park

    In Colorado, Lone Mesa State Park is a closed-access state park that’s undergoing development and planning. The only allowed use of it currently is limited hunting with a special permit from the Department of Wildlife Resources

    Camping and Lodging: Lone Mesa State Park was off-limits to any camping due to its wildlife preservation efforts.

    Pets: In Lone Mesa State Park, you can bring your pet along for a hike. Dogs need to be on leashes and owners must clean up after them with the provided waste bags.

    Things to do: The only allowed use is limited hunting with special permits. Currently, Lone Mesa State Park in Colorado undergoes development and planning to increase the number of recreational activities for visitors such as hiking, biking, or picnicking.

    Entrance Fee: If you’re a Colorado resident and are planning on visiting Lone Mesa State Park, it’s going to cost you. For just $100 per entry permit for each person in your car (up to four)

    Opening Hour: Park rangers at the entrance of this state-owned land will allow visitors through their gates from 6 am until 10 pm every day.

    22. Lake Pueblo State Park

    Lake Pueblo State Park

    A state park located in Pueblo County, Colorado, Lake Pueblo State Park includes 60 miles of shoreline and 10,000 acres of land. Activities such as fishing (both recreational and commercial), hiking trails that will take you to lush forests or scenic vistas on the lake’s edge; camping facilities for tents with RV hookups available; full-service marinas offering boat rentals including water ski boats; a special swim beach is also offered at this unique outdoor recreation area.

    Camping and Lodging: Lake Pueblo State Park is a full-service marina with plenty of campsites for visitors looking to stay. It has the perfect blend of camping and boating available, making it ideal for any outdoor getaway. 

    Pets: Pets are welcome in Lake Pueblo State Park, and they must be kept on a leash. Dogs can enjoy hiking with their owners while being cleaned up after by them. Pets also get to take part in picnics at the park as well!

    Things to do: The Arkansas River provides a cool escape at Lake Pueblo State Park. Take advantage of miles of trails to hike, bike, and picnic in the shade on this wonderful river-adjacent landscape.

    Lake Pueblo is located along the banks of Colorado’s longest river: Arkansas! Visitors have an easy time exploring nature thanks to numerous hiking/biking paths for adventure seekers who want to explore somewhere new or those looking for some peace after work sit right outside their doorsteps waiting patiently with beautiful views only Mother Nature could create.

    Entrance Fee: Lake Pueblo State Park, which is located in southern Colorado near the city of Pueblo, offers a daily vehicle park pass for $9.

    Opening Hour: Lake Pueblo State Park opens at 9 am and closes its doors to visitors by 9 pm every day.

    23. Lory State Park

    Lory State Park

    Lory State Park is a Colorado state park located west of Fort Collins. The park offers access to mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing as well as horseback riding for visitors looking to explore Lory’s 953 acres in all four seasons.

    Camping and Lodging: Lory State Park is located in the backcountry. Camping here requires a lot of preparation as you can only camp on Friday and Saturday nights during hunting season.

    Pets: At Lory State Park, If you bring your dog, make sure they are on a leash and closely watched because there’s no water access along the trail.

    Things to do: At Lory State Park, you can enjoy a great variety of activities such as biking, hiking, and rock climbing. This is because the park has over 100 miles of trails that are popular among locals.

    Entrance Fee: Lory State Park’s daily vehicle pass costs $9, while its individual and annual passes cost $4 per day or ​$80 (affixed) or $120 (hangtag). If you’re 64 years old the Aspen Leaf Annual Pass only costs 70 bucks.

    Opening Hour: Lory State Park opens from 5 am to 9 pm, making it an ideal spot for early morning jogs and hiking.

    24. Mancos State Park

    Mancos State Park

    Mancos State Park is a Colorado state park. It is located near Mesa Verde National Park, the West Mancos Trail, and the San Juan Skyway. According to legend, the park used to be a home for Ancestral Puebloans. From AD 1 to 1300, they inhabited the Four Corners region.

    Camping and Lodging: Mancos State Park is a Colorado state park. There are nine campsites, but you cannot drink water nearby and there are no restrooms either. You can reserve yourself in Mancos online or learn more about lodging and activities by visiting their website

    Mancos State Park is a Colorado state park with 9 camping sites that do not have drinking water nor restroom facilities available for campers to use as well so it’s best if visitors make reservations beforehand at the official website of the company through which they plan on booking themselves into this facility

    Pets: Mancos State Park is a Colorado state park. Visitors with dogs have to license, vaccinate and tag their pets before they can enter the area.

    Things to do: Mancos State Park is a Colorado state park that features biking, birding, boating, and fishing access for all visitors. Mancos also offers cabins and yurts to rent as well as trails suitable for mountain bike use.

    The area has both educational programs available to families looking to explore the great outdoors together or solo travelers seeking quiet time alone in nature with only Mother Nature by their side! For those traveling with four-legged friends that are up for some fun in the sun too; dogs will be loved here just like you were family-friendly at this pet-friendly getaway destination.

    Entrance Fee: For $9 a day, you can park your car at Mancos State Park. Many other Colorado state parks have varying daily vehicle rates depending on the time of year and type of facility being used (campground/day use).

    Opening Hour: Mancos State Park offers the perfect opportunity for nighttime adventures. The state park is open 24 hours a day and has over 10 miles of trails that are lit to make your walk or hike safe, even at nighttime!

    25. Mueller State Park

    Mueller State Park

    The park is also notable for its live oaks, which are the most accessible in Colorado. One of them is a 45-foot (14m) tree known as “The Old Growth” with a diameter of almost 6 feet. The outdoor activities offered here include 55 miles of trails, biking in the summer, and hunting during fall & winter seasons; camping year-round as well as hiking are also available to engage yourself with nature.

    Camping and Lodging: There are several camping and lodging options at Mueller State Park, near Colorado. Online scheduling for campsites is available to make the process easier on campers interested in spending a night or two there.

    Pets: Leashed pets are permitted in their campsites, picnic areas, and roads at Mueller State Park, but not on hiking trails or into the backcountry.

    Things to do: Mueller State Park has a lot of stuff to do. The park offers 19 miles of trails for horseback riding, and 55 miles of hiking trails in the summertime as well as wintertime cross-country skiing, ice fishing on 12 ponds that are iced over from December 1 through March 31 (availability permitting), sledding during snow season plus three cabins available year-round. There is also hunting permitted in this area where it meets with Dome Rock State Wildlife Area so bring your guns!

    Entrance Fee: To visit Mueller State Park, a state park pass or a $ 7-day fee is required at the entry station.

    Opening Hour: Robert Mueller State Park is closed for the day, but you can visit from 5 am to 10 pm on any other day of the week.

    26. North Sterling State Park

    North Sterling State Park

    North Sterling State Park is a Colorado state park located in Logan County north of the city of Sterling. The 5,700-acre space was established as a public site in 1992 and includes features like 2,880 acres of water surface area for recreational activities such as boating or fishing along with 6 miles worth of hiking trails around it.

    Camping and Lodging: North Sterling State Park offers 3 campgrounds near the shores of Lake Erie. Elks Campground is located at the north end and has some campsites on a hill overlooking the lake, while Sunset Point Beach & Day Use Area (which allows pets) is right by beach access with beautiful views over Lake Erie’s sunrise in all its glory! We chose to stay at Elks Campground as it had 30A electric-only sites which were great for our RV other spots have full hookups too if that suits you better/if your rig needs them.

    Pets: At North Sterling State Park, pets are allowed. They must be on a leash to ensure the safety of your pet and everyone else in the park.

    Things to do: At North Sterling State Park, there’s a lot to do including biking, birding, boating/kayaking, and fishing. The park is located in the middle of Nevada’s Great Basin Desert but it includes beautiful lakes where you can fish or kayak (a type of small boat). You can hike up mountains here which offer stunning views across all directions. There are also many trails for horseback riding so if you’re an animal lover then this could be your destination spot!

    Entrance Fee: North Sterling State Park charges a $5 convenience fee for state residents and non-residents pay $9 for a day pass or an annual one can be purchased at the price of $34. The Recreation Passport is not only used to enter North Sterling State Park but will also provide access to other facilities including trails, beaches, boat launches, etc.

    Opening Hour: North Sterling State Park is open 24 hours a day.

    North Sterling State Park allows visitors to enjoy the park’s natural beauty and wildlife from dusk till dawn, which makes it great for watching night creatures that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    27. Paonia State Park 

    Paonia State Park

    The Paonia State Park, in Gunnison County, Colorado, is east of Paonia. The 1,857-acre canyon surrounding the North Fork Reservoir on the Gunnison River contains camping areas and boat ramps for visitors to enjoy.

    Camping and Lodging: At Paonia State Park, camping is only available by reservation and you must pay in advance. Campers are responsible for all related fees to this policy so make sure you have enough money!

    The park offers great scenery as it’s located at a reservoir surrounded by the majestic Ragged Mountains. 13 non-electric campsites offer water skiing opportunities on top of beautiful wildflowers throughout your stay there too.

    Pets: Paonia State Park allows pets at campsites for no additional fee. Dogs must be on a leash when outdoors, as long as their owners are present nearby.

    Things to do: At Paonia State Park, visitors can enjoy hiking and fishing along with water sports like boating, river floating, or skiing.

    It offers a variety of activities for everyone including hikers who seek to escape into the beauty of nature as well as people who love outdoor recreational activities such as swimming in rivers where they may also indulge in fishing on their way downstream.

    Entrance Fee: The fee for daily vehicle passes is $9 per day.

    Opening Hour: Paonia State Park opens only during the summer months from 8 am to 7 pm.

    28. Pearl Lake State Park

    Pearl Lake State Park

    Pearl Lake State Park is in Routt County, Colorado near the town of Hahn’s Peak. It was named for Pearl Hartt who accompanied her husband on his journeys and met him at this spot after a day working their ranch when he returned to camp with fresh meat from hunting or fishing.

    Camping and Lodging: Pearl Lake State Park is a great place to camp. However, it’s very popular during the summer campsite reservations are highly recommended! The yurts at Pearl Lake are open year-round and cost $24 per night.

    Camping rates drop down to $16 for winter months though so make sure you plan if you’re hopping on spending some time here in the colder seasons!

    Pets: Pearl Lake State Park is a great place for dogs to romp and play! Dogs, who must be kept on a leash at all times, are allowed within the park.

    Things to do: Pearl Lake State Park offers all sorts of fun activities during the summer! People can hike, camp and fish. They also provide boating programs for those who want to get out on the water in their boats or kayaks, as well as birding classes where people can learn about nature while getting out into it at Pearl Lake’s scenic spot along a riverbed with forests around them.

    For anyone interested in photography there are special events like workshops throughout different seasons that allow you to use experts’ gear and take photos using your own cameras so they know what sort of equipment is best when purchasing one later. There are even educational opportunities such as geology lessons by taking samples from rock formations across trails nearby!

    Entrance Fee: At Pearl Lake State Park, a daily entrance pass is $7 and an annual pass costs $70. Campers can stay at campsites for about twenty bucks per night.

    Opening Hour: Pearl Lake State Park opens for 24 hours every day of the year, offering a variety of activities including camping and fishing.

    29. Ridgway State Park 

    Ridgway State Park

    If you’re looking for a more serene hike, then consider visiting Ridgway State Park. This park is located in the beautiful Ouray County of Colorado and it’s only 25 miles from Montrose! Though this area can get busy during summer days, an escape into nature will always be rewarding. The wildlife at this state park consists of deer, mountain lions (cougars), coyotes, rabbits, and elk.

    Camping and Lodging: Camping in Ridgway State Park is a year-round activity that offers amenities such as 283 campsites, 258 of which are modern and suitable for RVs.

    Pets: Dogs are welcome in Ridgway State Park, as long as they stay with their owners at all times.

    Things to do: When you go to Ridgway State Park, there are a variety of activities that everyone will enjoy. In the summertime, campgrounds and picnic areas by the reservoir provide an excellent opportunity for recreational fun in nature. You can also hike trails through grasslands or forests filled with diverse wildlife such as bison herds!

    Campers have the choice to partake in water sports like dog skating or skiing at this state park located on Lake Powell’s eastern shoreline near the town of Mexican Hat. If visitors do not want to bring their own boat they can rent one from local outfitters while camping here during peak months (April – October).

    Entrance Fee: The 9$ entry fee is worth the price of admission for Ridgway State Park.

    Opening Hour: Spend the night exploring at Ridgway State Park, which is open 24 hours.

    30. Rifle Falls State Park

    Rifle Falls State Park

    Rifle Falls State Park is a tranquil haven nestled in the shadows of majestic Rocky Mountain peaks. Located on East Rifle Creek, this park has three 70-foot waterfalls that cascade over an ancient travertine dam into deep pools surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife like mule deer, elk, coyotes, and golden-mantled ground squirrels.

    Camping and Lodging: At Rifle Falls State Park, visitors have a variety of camping options. Whether they want to bring their car or not, 13 drive-in RV/tent campsites and 7 walk-in tent sites are available for use near the creek beds in this park that stretches over 438 acres.

    All camping fees must be paid upfront at the site before occupancy and should campers anticipate any additional costs related to reservation policies during an extended stay on these grounds as well as being aware of timing limits associated with certain features here (e.g., four hours for picnic tables).

    Pets: At Rifle Falls State Park, dogs are allowed at the campground but must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet when outside of your vehicle. At all other camping sites in the park, pets may roam freely as long as they have been vaccinated and do not bother any wildlife or damage property.

    Things to do: At Rifle Falls State Park, you have easy access to hiking and viewing the falls. There are also many other great places in town that you can visit like Sammy’s Rocky Mountain Steakhouse or Timberline Sporting Goods!

    Entrance Fee: Rifle Falls State Park ​​​​​ All fees are in addition to park pass/entrance fees and are priced per day unless otherwise noted. To make the most of your camping experience, campsites can be reserved ahead of time during the summer months when they fill up quickly.

    Opening Hour: The Rifle Falls State Park is open for 8 hours a day from morning to night.

    31. Roxborough State Park

    Roxborough State Park

    The Roxborough State Park is a state park of Colorado, that has become popular for its dramatic red sandstone formations. Located in Douglas County 20 miles south of Denver, Colorado the 3,339-acre park was established in 1975 and recognized as a National Natural Landmark by the 1980s.

    Camping and Lodging: Roxborough State Park has rules that prohibit pets, drones, camping, and several activities such as mountain biking. Additionally, there is a prohibition on fires in Roxborough State park because of the risk it poses to natural resources.

    Pets: The beautiful park forbids pets, so it is best to leave your furry friends at home.

    Things to do: Roxborough State Park offers a variety of activities that lets visitors connect to the great outdoors. Some popular things do include: backcountry camping, biking on trails (although it is not allowed), bird watching, cross country skiing in the wintertime, and hiking throughout all seasons. With so many fun options for families or friends looking to stay active together Roxborough has everything you need!

    Entrance Fee: Roxborough State Park The fee for daily use is $7 or $70 for an Annual State Parks Pass

    Opening Hour: Roxborough State Park is open from 6 am to 8 pm, but it’s worth waking up early for! It is a historically significant vessel.

    32. Saint Vrain State Park

    Saint Vrain State Park

    Colorado’s St. Vrain State Park is a great place to camp year-round! It is formerly known as Barbour Ponds, is located in Colorado, and hosts camping throughout the year for visitors looking to enjoy nature near Denver or Boulder. With plenty of amenities like restrooms with showers available within walking distance from each campsite, it makes sense why this state park consistently ranks among one of the best places in America for camping

    Camping and Lodging: St. Vrain State Park is a Colorado state park that provides 87 campsites in eight campgrounds on the banks of seven ponds to provide a peaceful and simple outdoor break for families interested in camping.

    Pets: Dogs are allowed at the tent sites of St. Vrain State Park, but not in cabins.

    Things to do: St. Vrain State Park is a great place for families to unwind and get away from it all during their stay in Colorado. Visitors can catch glimpses of wildlife like deer, elk, foxes, beavers, or even bald eagles while strolling through this well-preserved state park in Longmont Colorado USA. The fishing here isn’t bad either – you might just snag yourself some trout if you’re lucky!

    Entrance Fee: St. Vrain State Park must pay $8 a day for the daily state park pass fee in addition to camping overnight fees, which vary by season and campsite.

    Opening Hour: St. Vrain State Park is open from 9 am to 5 pm, every day of the week.

    33. Spinney Mountain State Park

    Spinney Mountain State Park

    Spinney Mountain State Park in Colorado is centered on the reservoir of Spinney Mountain Reservoir, which makes it a popular destination for anglers.

    The reservoir is in South Park, Colorado, at the base of Enchanted Rock. The park’s centerpiece is a 77-foot-tall (23 m) granite monolith called “Inscription Rock.”

    Camping and Lodging: If you are looking for a place to go camping, this isn’t it. Spinney Mountain State Park does not offer any campsites or other forms of lodging accommodations.

    Pets: Pets must be kept on a leash and within six feet of their owner. The area below the dam as well as the face of it is off-limits to visitors.

    Things to do: Spinney Mountain State Park is a beautiful state park that has no official hiking trails, but it can still be done along the river or around the reservoir. There are also fishing and boating opportunities on Reservoir here so there’s always something for everyone to do at Spinney Mountain State Park!

    Entrance Fee: The best part about Spinney Mountain State Park is that it only costs $7 to enter the park, and people who bring their own vehicle in are also charged an additional fee of just a couple of dollars. People can enjoy easy access while spending less money on this beautiful state park!

    Opening Hour: You can hike through the mountain trails of Spinney Mountain State Park from 5 hours before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset, but only when there is no ice on the paths.

    34. Stagecoach State Park

    Stagecoach State Park

    Colorado State Park Stagecoach Lake provides opportunities for visitors to enjoy a diverse array of outdoor recreation activities. The 771-acre reservoir on the Yampa River offers water sports such as fishing and boating, while 17 miles south of Steamboat Springs at an elevation ranging from 8,500 feet to 9,000 feet above sea level make it perfect for those who love camping in Colorado’s scenic Rocky Mountains.

    Camping and Lodging: A camping experience like no other awaits you at Stagecoach State Park. With an ample supply of trees and abundant wildlife, this is the perfect place to get away from it all in a rustic yet comfortable way.

    Pets: This beautiful state park is a great place to bring your dog. Dogs are allowed, but they must be kept on their leash at all times while inside the park’s grounds and trails.

    Things to do: Stagecoach State Park has many activities for the outdoor adventurer. The 8 miles of biking trails are excellent opportunities to get out and enjoy nature, while bird watching is a great way to learn more about our feathered friends in their natural habitat.

    If you’re looking for something less strenuous, why not check into enjoying boating or camping? And don’t forget your four-legged friend; Stagecoach welcomes dogs! There’s always educational programming as well as equipment rental if you need it before heading out on an adventure at this park near Uvalde County Lake.”

    Entrance Fee: Stagecoach State Park, The daily vehicle pass costs $9, and the individual daily pass costs $4.

    Opening Hour: Stagecoach State Park is a beautiful place to visit. It’s open from 8 am–4:30 pm, and it has many trails for biking or hiking like the Wildflower trail that is great on nice days!

    35. State Forest State Park

    State Forest State Park

    State Forest State Park is a Colorado state park that opened in 1970. It spans 70,838 acres of the Rocky Mountains and was established to protect wildlife habitats for elk, deer, bears, mountain lions, and an array of smaller species found around these mountains.

    Camping and Lodging: Camping at State Forest State Park is a great experience. There are over 200 campsites and five campgrounds scattered throughout the park, making it a lovely weekend getaway for people with RVs who enjoy their comforts while they explore nature’s beauty outside of the RV walls.

    Pets: At State Forest State Park, your dog is welcome to join the fun on their campsites and hiking trails. When you come with your pup to this park, make sure they are leashed at all times so that everyone else can feel safe. Bring along some treats as well; it will be a good way for them to meet other dogs!

    Things to do: State Forest State Park has great hiking trails and fishing opportunities. Visitors can ride horses along the trail or just walk on their own two feet. If they brought a rod, there’s always room for that too!

    It has some of the best hiking paths in New Jersey; you can take your dog with you if he likes to get out into nature as well – make sure it’s leashed though! Fishing is also an option here, so bring some gear if you like catching trout from one of our many creeks and ponds. You don’t have to worry about leaving the car behind either since we offer horseback riding tours through all four seasons (as long as it’s nice outside).

    Entrance Fee: Visitors who choose to walk or bike into the Colorado State Forest will have to pay a $3 non-motorized entrance fee.

    Opening Hour: The State Forest State Park is accessible 24 hours a day, every day.

    36. Staunton State Park 

     Staunton State Park 

    The park was made through a bequest from Frances H. Staunton, who gave Colorado State Parks the original 1,720 acres “for it to be conserved in perpetuity as a public benefit.” The land has since been bought using lottery funds and is currently over 5500 acres including Elk Falls Ranch which used to belong to playwright Mary Coyle Chase.

    Camping and Lodging: Staunton State Park has a no RV camping policy with campsites located around 180-799 yards from The Meadow parking lot. Fires and charcoal grills are strictly prohibited at the park too.

    Pets: In Staunton State Park, you can unleash your dog to run free and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

    Things to do: Staunton State Park offers a variety of trails for biking. Enjoy mountain biking or horseback riding on the park’s wide, open single-track trail system that stretches over several miles through scenic forest and meadow areas.

    Entrance Fee: Staunton State Park is a beautiful place to visit, and their fees are reasonable too! Individual passes cost $4 per day while the vehicle pass only costs $10.

    Opening Hour: Staunton State Park is open from 6 a.m.–10 p.m., and the park has many amenities that are free of charge including two playgrounds, baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and more!

    37. Steamboat Lake State Park

    Steamboat Lake State Park

    Steamboat Lake State Park, Colorado’s first state park to be located in the Rocky Mountains and near a city with over 50 ski resorts within 100 miles. This 2,820-acre park is surrounded by towering mountains of pine trees that make it ideal for camping and fishing while also providing trails for hiking or biking in addition to lots of wildlife!

    Camping and Lodging: Campers can stay up to 14 days at Steamboat Lake State Park during a 28 day period. There are many camping sites available for campers and all of them have access to the park amenities, such as bathrooms with showers, water fountains with potable water supply from creeks or lakes (depending on site), fire rings/grills located next to each campsite. ​

    Pets: While dogs are not allowed to swim in Steamboat Lake, you can bring them out on a kayak or paddleboard with their human and play fetch!

    Things to do: At Steamboat Lake, you can enjoy fishing in the summer and winter. In the summertime, bait your hook with worms or minnows to catch a big fish! During ice fishing season at Steamboat Lake, use an auger (a tool used to drill holes for ice) and add a line when there are about five inches of depth left.

    Entrance Fee: The Steamboat Lake State Park is a lovely place to go camping. It has many activities you can partake in, and the park pass prices are reasonable if purchased as an individual – $4 per day or combined with another vehicle pass for only $9 total!

    Opening Hour: Steamboat Lake State Park is open from 8 am to 8 pm and is a great place to relax or go hiking.

    38. Sweitzer Lake State Park

    Sweitzer Lake State Park

    The Trails at Suffield are a multi-use recreational facility with hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails. The park has two campgrounds for camping as well as restrooms and other facilities. The 210-acre (85 ha) park established in 1960 includes a 137-acre (55 ha) reservoir with boat ramps, swim beaches, and picnic sites accessible to the public. Birdwatchers have spotted 170 different species of birds at this location that was donated by Morgan Sweitzer himself back when he first set up shop here as an entrepreneur looking for prospects!

    Camping and Lodging: At Sweitzer Lake State Park, there are campsites and cabins for large groups.

    Pets: Pets are welcome at Schweitzer Lake State Park. Dogs must be kept on a leash and excrement collected.

    Things to do: At the 975-acre Sweitzer Lake State Park, hikers can enjoy a 1.5-mile loop trail where they will come across bluegill, carp, catfish, and green sunfish in addition to many other wildlife species that occupy this ecological diversity zone.

    Entrance Fee: The entrance fee is $7 for an average day at Sweitzer Lake State Park.

    Opening Hour: Sweitzer Lake State Park is a place full of fun and adventure, open from 8 am to 10 pm.

    39. Sylvan Lake State Park

    Sylvan Lake State Park

    Sylvan Lake State Park is a Colorado state park located in Eagle County, 10 miles south of the city of Eagles. The 1,548-acre park established in 1987 and surrounded by White River National Forest includes 42 acres of lake waters as well as trails that are approximately one mile long. Visitors can enjoy many amenities at this beautiful place such as cabins for lodging options or campgrounds with picnic tables to accommodate large groups and small families alike!

    Camping and Lodging: Sylvan Lake State Park is a great area to set up your own campsite. You can do this for free, but there are some rules you should keep in mind when doing so.

    Pets: Sylvan Lake State Park welcomes dogs, but they must keep them on a six-foot leash at all times.

    Things to do: If you want to get out on the water, Sylvan Lake State Park has all of your needs covered with boats and sea-doos. Paddleboarding is also a great way to spend some time in nature at this park.

    If you’re looking for more than just enjoying yourself outside, make sure to check out Jarvis Provincial Park where there’s lots of camping available as well as other fun activities like mini-golfing or going karts! The little town nearby even has its own brewery if that calls your name while visiting the area around this beautiful provincial park!

    Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for Sylvan Lake State Park is $9 for a daily vehicle pass, and the individual daily pass is only $4. Those who want to enjoy many days at this park can get an annual pass of just under one hundred dollars.

    Opening Hour: Sylvan Lake State Park is open from 8 am to 4:30 pm. It’s a great place for camping, fishing, and swimming in the summertime!

    The Colorado landscape is filled with natural beauty and adventure, but there’s also a thriving community of residents who love to introduce visitors to the best that this state has to offer. If you are planning your next vacation or day trip in search of some outdoor fun, take time out for yourself and check out Colorado. It has a lot to offer, and some of it is more than just physical. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. If you have the opportunity, come visit!