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Top 2 National Parks in Oklahoma

    Are you looking for a new adventure?

    Oklahoma has a lot of natural beauty to explore and plenty of adventure. There are places for you to relax and have fun too. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge has good hiking trails, the Chickasaw National Recreation Area is a place to explore, the Oklahoma City Zoo is for families with kids, there’s also the Chickasaw Cultural

    This place is really fun. There are small towns and big cities, national parks, and lakeside retreats. You will love it. So come visit today!

    Come explore our great outdoors and experience what makes us so different, you won’t regret it.

    1. Chickasaw National Recreation Area

    Chickasaw National Recreation Area

    Platt National Park is a national park in Oklahoma. It is also inside Chickasaw National Recreational Area. If you are looking for adventure, this place has something to offer everyone. You can go on new adventures that connect the outdoors with nature and creativity.

    The Chickasaw Nation established the recreation area in 1992. It is one of nine parks that Congress created under the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act. The Chickasaws gave 10 million acres of land to build this park and it now spans 15 miles along the northern border with Texas.

    Pets: Chickasaw National Recreation Park has lots of animals. The pets can go to most places in the park, but they have to be on a leash and cannot go where pets are not allowed.

    Camping: A great place for people who like outdoor adventures is Chickasaw National Recreation Area. There are six different public campgrounds in the area where you can go hiking or fishing.

    Tour: Chickasaw National Recreation offers many outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. They can go biking, bird watching, or boating. There are also places for picnicking and camping. You can also hike in the wilderness areas of this park.

    Entrance Fee: The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is a great place to be. There are no fees or passes needed for entry!

    2. Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

    Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

    Washita Battlefield National Historic Site is a place where one of the most important battles in history happened. It is about 150 miles from Oklahoma City. In 1868, Chief Black Kettle and his tribe defended their village from soldiers. The soldiers were able to kill many Native Americans, including women and children.

    It is to protect a place that has changed American history forever. It also protects the site so future generations can see how this important event happened.

    Pets: Pets are not allowed on the battlefield trails or inside buildings. But you can walk them in the parking lot outside and at visitor centers, as long as they stay on a leash.

    Camping: The Washita Battlefield National Historic Site does not have camping facilities. Visitors need to search the internet for other places they can stay.

    Tour: Washita Battlefield National Historic Site is a fun place to go. There are three trails that are different levels of difficulty for people to go on. It offers great views, but you don’t have to work hard at all!

    Entrance Fee: You won’t have to pay a fee to visit the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site.

    Oklahoma is a friendly state with lots to do for everyone. Whether you’re interested in the history of cowboys, movie sights that are famous all over the world, or museums where you can learn about Native Americans and more, this great state has something for everybody.

    If you’re looking for friendly people who are happy to share their home with visitors then come on down!